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The Most Famous Macaroni Machine Manufacturer In India

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Macaroni machine is a small food machine that can process dozens of varieties. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, convenient movement and simple operation. It can produce a variety of simulated small foods such as shells, tremella, lanterns, five pointed stars, tornadoes, hollow noodles and conch, and can be processed into a variety of flavors and flavors such as fried, spicy, barbecue and five spices. You can also cook it in water and add soup to become a special snack. 

macaroni machineThe main raw materials are flour, rice flour and noodle powder, one of which can be produced or mixed. The multifunctional pasta machine can produce three categories and dozens of varieties of products. The equipment has flour, starch, corn flour and other miscellaneous grain flour, one or several of which are mixed as raw materials. Through the advanced molding power structure of the machine, it can produce all kinds of snack foods and a variety of pasta foods, and can produce more than ten varieties of products in three series.

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