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Macaroni Machine Manufacturer Service Policy

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Macaroni machine manufacturer Service Policy

1. The company's after-sales service personnel can provide the ingredients and basic formula of relevant products.

2. Provide on-site training for relevant personnel of the demander on equipment operation and regular maintenance.

3. Regular after-sales call back to customers to help you solve relevant difficult problems encountered in the use of the equipment.

4. Our company provides high-quality and low-cost spare parts to the demander all year round, and provides support for equipment upgrading and new product development, so that you really have no worries.

macaroni machine

5. In case of equipment damage at the expiration of the warranty period, users in the province shall arrive at the maintenance site within two days after receiving the notice from the demander. Users outside the province negotiate with technicians to arrive at the site as soon as possible. For insured equipment, the company will charge service and spare parts replacement costs.

6. During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged by non-human factors, the company will provide free maintenance. For equipment damage caused by human factors and force majeure, the company provides maintenance services, but charges relevant fees.

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