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This manufacturer's pasta machine is the most cost-effective

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As the main processing equipment of noodles, the manual pasta machine can improve the speed of pressing noodles and increase the taste of noodles. It is recognized by more and more users. The quality of noodles extruded by the manual noodle machine is directly related to the noodle pressing knife. The noodles pressed by the poor noodle knife are not smooth, accompanied by hairy thorns and pimples, and the noodles are rough, Affect the appearance of noodles. Therefore, the noodle knife of manual noodle machine is very important for noodle forming.

pasta machine

When the manual noodle machine leaves the factory, the manufacturer will be equipped with one or two face knives with good workmanship quality. This face knife is made of carbon alkali steel and finely processed. After high-temperature quenching treatment, the wear resistance of the face knife is higher and its service life is longer. The noodles extruded by this noodle knife have clear sub layers and smooth texture, will not break or draw, and will not muddy the soup when cooking.

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