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Working Video Of China's Most Advanced Pasta Machine

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When the pasta machine finds that the thickness of both sides of the dough is uneven during the pressing, adjust the hand wheel on the wallboard on both sides of the pressing roller to the same thickness. When the thickness meets the requirements, lock the fastening nut on the hand wheel. No iron or hard impurities are allowed in the flour to avoid damaging the machine parts. If it is found that the dough sticks to the roll, check whether it is caused by the loose knife. Immediately tighten the screw on the scraper to make the scraper closely combined with the dough stick. 

pasta machineAlways keep clean and sanitary, the oil hole is unblocked, and refuel every shift. After work, the remaining surface on the scraper and face comb shall be immediately, so as to prevent the remaining surface from being dry and hard and damaging the parts. When replacing the cutting knife, it must be shut down. Add lubricating oil to the oil hole of the cutting tool holder, and pay attention to adding edible oil on the surface.

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