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The Latest Intelligent Pasta Machine From China

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The full-automatic intelligent second-generation pasta machine developed and sold by our company adopts computer automatic control and one key operation. You just input the length, short, thick, thin, dry, wet and component parameters of noodles into the computer, press the control switch to automatically lower the powder, automatically add water, automatically mix noodles, automatically press noodles and automatically shape and cut noodles. Noodles can be produced continuously, and the produced noodles have the same taste and strength as manual noodles. One person can produce, and the operation is simple and convenient. Those who do not understand will produce in one hour of training,

pasta machineand one equipment covers less than one square meter. 220V power supply, power 1100W, no need for external tap water, very convenient assembly and cleaning, no need for any tools, and can complete all processes. Put the accessories in water and clean them with a brush. Don't wash in winter or even two days. The noodle machine is suitable for all university canteens, military canteens, large factory canteens, government canteens, large noodle restaurants, farmers' markets, large supermarkets, residential business districts, individual entrepreneurs, etc. The automatic intelligent noodle machine can make 200 noodles per hour, which fully meets the needs of various industries for noodles. High production efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving.

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