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China's Newly Developed Pasta Machine

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The hydraulic pasta machine is designed according to the pressing principle of traditional baked noodles. The pressed surface is clear but not turbid. The finished baked surface is soft and elastic, with long tendons that are not easy to break, fine and smooth taste and rich flavor. The machine has the advantages of reasonable mechanism, small volume, light weight, low noise, convenient installation, simple operation and convenient use.

usage method:

1. Turn on the switch, pull the face barrel out of the mounting surface, gently push it to the pressure surface position, press the operating handle downward to start the pressure surface, pull the operating handle upward after the pressure surface is completed, and the oil cylinder can be reset. When the pressure surface is completed, be sure to align the pressure panel with the position of the face barrel, otherwise the pressure plate will be damaged. If the pressure surface is not pressed for a long time, stop the switch, To prolong the service life of the hydraulic pump.

pasta machine

2. Replace the hydraulic oil, select the hydraulic oil with high viscosity and add it to the oil tank. When the working time is long, the gear pump will heat up. At this time, the pressure is insufficient, which indicates that the viscosity of the oil you use is not high and should be replaced in time.

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