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Common Faults And Troubleshooting Of Pasta Machine

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Common faults and troubleshooting of pasta machine

1. The panel cannot be connected normally?

Due to improper adjustment of the roll gap, there will be plate breaking and residual plate phenomenon. The previous panel is thin, the next panel is thick and the demand for the next panel is large, so the plate will be broken, otherwise the residual plate will be left. Therefore, when adjusting the roll gap, reduce the lower group of roll gap to make it uniform.

2. Panel running edge or uneven thickness on both sides of the panel?

It is caused by the inconsistent clearance at both ends of the roller. Therefore, adjust the clearance at both ends of the roller to make it uniform

pasta machine

3. Is the panel and noodles curved?

It is the scraper and cutter between rollers, and the comb blade can be adjusted in place according to the excessive installation angle or the reverse edge of the comb blade.

4. Does the panel stick to the roll?

It is because the surface is bad, the moisture is too large or the scraper bolt is loose.

5. Can't break the noodles?

If the cutting edge of the section is inconsistent with the bottom plate, the cutting edge of the section can be trimmed and adjusted to the position.

6. Broken noodles?

It is because there are impurities in the flour (the residue left in the flour bucket last time) or the flour is uneven.

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