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Debugging Method Of Pasta Machine In China

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Debugging method of pasta machine in China

1. Power on test run: first remove the formwork and V-belt, then connect the power for inching, after confirming the motor rotation (as indicated by the arrow), install the V-belt and close it for trial rotation for one minute, and then install the formwork. If the rotation is reversed, there is a risk of damaging the formwork.

2. Machine inspection: before starting the machine, check whether the parts are normal, whether the screws are loose, and the grounding wire must be installed.

pasta machine

3. Adjust the machine head: adjust the position before and after shutdown: loosen the column sleeve brake screw to swing the machine head back and forth. Adjustment of high and low position: after the brake screw of the column sleeve is loose, slowly loosen the retaining ring and fix the screw to adjust the machine head up and down.

4. Formwork removal: first pay attention to the rotation direction, which shall be the same as that of the grooved wheel, and twist it with force. If it cannot be screwed by hand, it can be pulled with a wrench.

5. Remove the shield cover plate: first loosen the screws, open the cover plate by hand and adjust the tightness of the triangular belt.

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