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What should we pay attention to when buying scrap rebar straightening machine? I don't know now. It doesn't matter. I'll introduce it to you right away. In the process of drawing with the equipment, we all hope that the equipment can always maintain a stable state. In fact, many methods can be adopted to ensure the stable operation of wire drawing machine equipment, and some requirements are put forward to the user friends of wire drawing machine equipment. If you want to keep the equipment in a stable production state, you must first ensure the rationality of its installation. 

scrap rebar straightening machineWhen installing the equipment, it must be ensured that the installation foundation must be very stable to avoid vibration; Moreover, during installation, debugging is also required to ensure that the tensile axis of the wire is symmetrical with the center line of the die hole, so as to make the stress of the wire and stay wire die act evenly. The second is to ensure the rationality of operation during the production of wire drawing machine equipment.

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