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Maintenance Of Scrap Rebar Straightening Machine

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Maintenance of scrap rebar straightening machine

1. The surface of input and output wheels shall be kept clean and cleaned in time.

2. The bearing parts shall be cleaned and buttered 1-2 times a year.

3. The V-belt on the motor shall be properly tightened. If it is loose, it shall be adjusted or updated.

4. Keep the chain clean, clean and check regularly, and fill oil without shift.

scrap rebar straightening machine

5. The steel wheel of inlet escrow seat shall be poured with oil on duty to prolong its service life.

6. Check the transmission case once without shift and add enough oil. Replace 1-2 times a year.

7. Before shift, check whether the bolts at all parts are loose. If they are loose, they shall be tightened before starting to work.

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