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Best Selling Chinese Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine In The World

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 The steamed stuffed bun machine has small volume and light weight. The shell and food contact parts are made of stainless steel. The appearance is exquisite and durable. It adopts three variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the surface and filling can be adjusted freely. The product is formed at one time, with uniform size, beautiful appearance, smooth surface, neat patterns and smooth taste. The production speed, product size, weight and inner stuffing can be adjusted and changed at any time, which is simple, convenient and in place in one step. 

steamed stuffed bun machineThe multifunctional steamed stuffed bun machine can make more than ten kinds of stuffed products, such as meat bags, vegetable bags, meat bags, small cage bags, soup bags, crystal bags, round steamed bread, milk yellow bags, bean paste bags, barbecued pork bags, pumpkin cakes, frying piles and so on. It is applicable to hotels, restaurants, schools, canteens of government organs and enterprises, steamed bread or steamed stuffed bun processing plants, breakfast engineering stores and quick-frozen food factories.

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