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The Most Popular Brand Of Steamed Bun Machine In The USA

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The steamed stuffed bun machine adopts horizontal noodle feeding, horizontal stuffing and DC variable-frequency stepless speed change. The size of steamed stuffed bun and the proportion of stuffing can be adjusted at will. The machine has a symmetrical appearance, smooth appearance, no damage to noodles and continuous noodles. The horizontal stuffing machine has advantages over the column stuffing. The stuffing tube is not easy to drop stuffing, 

steamed stuffed bun machineempty steamed stuffed bun is not easy to appear, and the stuffing system software has no bevel, Filling speed is faster, working pressure is small, symmetrical, suitable for a large number of filling. All the engines are made of Chinese excellent technical production, so that the engine can truly save less noodles, do not hurt noodles, keep noodles, not easy to split in half, and can immediately adjust the thickness of the rolling skin.

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