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High Cost Performance Spaghetti Machine From China

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After the spaghetti machine is started, check whether the screw is pushed towards the discharge port in the direction of the screw; Whether the machine is stable during operation, and whether there are abnormal conditions such as shaking and abnormal noise; Cut the reconstituted dough into pieces of appropriate size for standby. When the hopper is filled, it is strictly prohibited to reach into and touch the screw with your fingers to avoid danger; 

spaghetti machineWhen using wood sticks and other fillers, be careful not to stretch too deep to prevent spiral stranding of wood sticks; The processed dough shall be stirred evenly, and no dry and hard flour shall be filled into the flour barrel, so as to prevent blocking the outgoing face and causing overload operation of the machine, thereby damaging the machine parts or burning the motor. After filling, try to avoid stopping filling and idling for a long time. When stopping filling, turn off the power supply in time and clean the remaining materials in the surface barrel.

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