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Spaghetti Machine From China Promotion Big Price Cut

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Spaghetti machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure and simple operation. Its main function is to place the standard powder and the dough in the shape of sliced noodles and hand-held noodles in the inlet of the machine, press the noodles into the shape of hand-held noodles by rotation, and directly put them into the pot for cooking. It can also be used as potato powder and noodles. One machine can be used for multiple purposes. It is applicable to canteens, restaurants and noodle shops of organs, groups, military, schools, factories and mines. 

spaghetti machineMachine structure and working principle: This product is composed of dozens of parts such as base, column, bearing sleeve, cylinder, auger, template, grooved wheel and motor switch. Its working principle: the rotation of grooved wheel drives the auger to transport and extrude, extrude the dough with suitable soft and hard through the forming die hole, and put the noodles into the boiling pot

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