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Characteristics Of The All-in-one Spaghetti Machine

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What are the characteristics of the multifunctional all-in-one spaghetti machine:

1. The multi-functional all-in-one machine is combined for one-time forming, labor-saving and efficient production.

2. The multifunctional noodle machine is multi-purpose, which can make all kinds of noodles, dumpling skin and wonton skin.

3. Special leather pressing and elongation ratio, diameter 102 alloy solid fine pressing roller, which can make ultra-thin skin as thin as cicada wings

4. The linear guide rail runs, and the stacking is stable and neat

5. Independent double-sided Electric Dusting, combination of dusting and sweeping, uniform dusting and no adhesion

spaghetti machine

6. You only need to change the knives of different specifications to make different noodles. The noodles taste strong and smooth. It can make ramen, sliced noodles, leek leaf noodles, noodle leaves and other pasta.

7. The length and size of noodles can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of different users.

8. One machine has multiple returns, simple and convenient operation, low failure rate, and the company's after-sales service is in place.

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