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The Most Honest Noodle Machine Factory In China

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1. The noodle machine must be operated, repaired and maintained by a specially assigned person.  

2. Before operation, the operator shall learn the operation manual of the noodle press, understand the basic structure and components of the equipment, master the quantity, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. It is forbidden for non operators to operate at will.  

3. Operators must wear work clothes and work hats, and the sleeves must not be too long. Lesbians must put their braids on the work hats. Operators are strictly prohibited from wearing loose clothes with sleeves and need to wear clothes with tight cuffs.  

4. Before operation, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the noodle cutting machine to check whether there are obstacles around the machine, whether the transmission parts are normal, whether there are sundries in the equipment and whether the electrical circuits are exposed and damaged. In case of any abnormality, timely inform the management personnel and arrange special personnel for maintenance.  

noodle machine

5. Before using the noodle press, the rolling wheel and various accessories shall be installed and adjusted as required under the condition of power failure. After confirming that they are firm, open the machine for trial operation, and observe whether the operation is normal, whether the shell has electric leakage and whether there is abnormal sound. The operation can be carried out only after everything is normal.  

6. During the cutting process, do not press down by hand, do not approach the roller with your fingers, and do not press the noodles and buckle the shaft wheel by hand during operation.  

7. The pressure bar, roller and other objects shall be strictly placed on the tray to prevent falling and damaging the feet.  

8. After use, cut off the power supply, clean the pressing wheel and other detachable parts separately to ensure food hygiene, and it is strictly prohibited to wash the electrical parts with water.  

9. The power-off switch of the noodle press must be within the reach of the operator, so as to avoid failure to power off in time in case of accident, resulting in greater injury. If the switch is damaged, it shall be repaired by professionals in time.

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