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The Most Popular Dumpling Machine In The USA

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Common problems in actual operation of automatic dumpling machine:
1. After the dumpling machine comes out of the mold plate, add a small amount of bright and clean oil or grease in the middle of the cutter head.
2. After switching on the switching power supply (with the protection of grounding device is essential), check the positive and negative rotation. The closed power switches let the rigid aviation parts turn to check whether each unit is abnormal.
3, when doing it, first close the molding power switch, then closed the power switch of the surface pump, put the kneaded surface into the bucket until the hollow dumplings are made, then feed the stuffing section button, make the proportion of the first name skin according to the requirements, and turn off the power switch of the surface pump.
dumpling machine
4. The power switch of the closed stuffing pump puts the stuffing funds into the stuffing bucket to get rid of the stuffing from the engine until the stuffing is covered with the stuffing pump.

5. When the filling surface column is formed by the mold plate to brew detailed dumplings, the dumplings will reach the required size and the proportion of skin and stuffing through the whole process of conditioning (for stuffing conditioning). 

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