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The Improved Engine Of Automatic Dumpling Machine

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Performance characteristics of automatic imitation manual dumpling machine:

1. The improved engine of automatic dumpling machine, imported double DC frequency conversion, has more stable performance.

2. Excellent noodle feeding and stuffing system software can fully maintain the strength of noodles, not damage the noodles, and ensure the sense of hierarchy of dumplings. The filling is smoother and more symmetrical. No matter what kind of filling can make the dumplings shape, easy to use, beautiful and generous.

3. According to the dynamic model specified in the Chinese dim sum processing technology, the design scheme is scientifically studied to confirm the relative density of the product, so as to ensure the symmetry and fineness of the air outlet hole of the product, good elastic ductility and water solubility, bright and fine surface of the product, neat lines and smooth taste, which is far beyond the products made by hand.

4. The machine adopts high-quality full intelligent operation and has a personalized operation panel to make the operation accurate and reliable. It can be easily operated in five minutes.

5. With high level of automation technology and accurate quantitative analysis, the product size is unified. The proportion of leather and stuffing is 20g-150g. It can be adjusted freely, and one person and two people can be operated on average.

dumpling machine

6. Product diversification, can produce a variety of dumplings, corn steamed bread, soup dumplings and other wrapped products

7. The shell is light, covers a small area and is easy to move. The key parts are made of stainless steel, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous, which meets China's food hygiene and safety standards.

8. Reasonable configuration, forming, filling, feeding and controller are driven by motor separately, which is not easy to produce common faults, and the maintenance and cleaning are convenient.

9. The machine has low requirements for the quality of wheat flour, and is suitable for all kinds of workplaces.

10. The work efficiency is equal to 8 to 12 employees. In addition, the dumplings are made manually, which has real low capital investment, high efficiency and saves project investment.

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