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Mutton Slicer Is Also Called Meat Slicer

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Mutton slicer is also called meat slicer, mutton slicer, slicer, sheep slicer, etc. It is a professional slicer for frozen mutton and frozen fat cattle. The patented transmission design makes the meat cutting speed reach 43 times / min; The mechanical transmission of high-power double motors (without circuit board) ensures the service life; The thickness of slices is balanced, the automatic rolling effect of meat slices is good, the machine has low noise, and the stability of the whole machine is excellent; 

meat slicerThe original automatic sharpening structure makes the sharpening operation convenient and safe; The stainless steel body meets the requirements of food hygiene; Packed in wooden cases, you can rest assured of the transportation safety of the machine. Product features: automatic slicer, suitable for hot pot shops, restaurants, hotels and food processing plants. The meat cutting effect is uniform. It adopts double axis design, which is particularly stable and durable.

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