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China Sichuang Is The First Choice To Buy Mutton Slicer

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The CNC meat slicer is divided into 8 volumes, 4 volumes, 2 volumes, 2 volumes of automatic flat cutting and 1 volume of flat cutting. It adopts double-layer superposition cutting system, touch screen operation, PLC control, servo motor drive, double screw horizontal feeding, cutting height up to 20cm, full-automatic operation. It is suitable for large, medium and small meat processing enterprises. This product adopts electric pushing, electric pressing, 

meat slicerelectric thickness adjustment, step-by-step pushing and meat processing. After processing, the cutter automatically stops, the push plate automatically retreats and stops, the cutter opens, the conveyor belt automatically operates synchronously, the protective door opens, and the whole machine automatically cuts off power. With a high degree of automation, meat slice cutting, thickness adjustment, meat roll conveying and automatic shutdown can be completed with one key, Save time and labor.

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