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Characteristics Of Automatic Steamed Stuffed Bun Machine

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Characteristics of automatic steamed stuffed bun machine:

1: The full-automatic steamed stuffed bun machine is designed and manufactured according to the provisions of the dynamic model when producing steamed stuffed buns. Such a design scheme can better maintain the relative density of steamed stuffed buns, improve the symmetry and fineness of steamed stuffed bun air outlet, improve the ductility and whiteness of steamed stuffed buns, and promote the production of steamed stuffed buns to be more moist, The actual effect is significantly higher than that of steamed stuffed buns produced by manpower.

2: The full-automatic steamed stuffed bun machine can produce various kinds of food materials, including flower bags, bald bags, round steamed buns, corn steamed buns, mid autumn moon cakes, soup filled bags and other different food materials, which better considers the requirements of customers.steamed stuffed bun machine

3: This machine is made of excellent stainless steel. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance design, health and safety.

4: The automatic steamed stuffed bun machine is also a compact machine, which is more convenient in the case of maintenance, disassembly and cleaning.

5: Automatic steamed stuffed bun machine is a computer-controlled machine, which is easier to control and easier to grasp in application.

6: The steamed stuffed buns produced by this machine are symmetrical in size, and the proportion of skin and stuffing can be adjusted, and it is easier to adjust. One or two people can actually operate.

7: The conveyor belt of the full-automatic steamed stuffed bun machine has the function of full-automatic oil brushing, which can avoid the adhesion of raw embryos and better ensure the quality of goods.

8: This machine is also an imported double DC frequency conversion machine with very stable performance characteristics.

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