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Sichuang Company Is The First Choice To Buy Steamed Stuffed Bun Machines In China

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The steamed stuffed bun machine adopts humanized control panel and high-quality microcomputer control. The control is accurate and reliable. It can be operated freely in 5 minutes. High degree of automation, accurate quantification, consistent product size, skin filling ratio of 20g-150g, freely adjustable, 1-2 people can operate. The products of baozi machine are diversified. It can produce all kinds of stuffed products such as baozi, pumpkin cake, small cage bag, mung bean cake, bean paste bag and so on. The machine body is light and light, and the main parts are made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance, which meets the national food hygiene standards. The structure of the steamed stuffed bun machine is reasonable. steamed stuffed bun machineThe molding, filling, feeding and control board are driven by independent motors, which is not easy to cause joint and several faults, and is convenient for maintenance and cleaning. The steamed stuffed bun machine has low requirements for flour quality, occupies less land, is convenient to move, and is suitable for all kinds of workplaces. The working efficiency of the steamed stuffed bun machine is equivalent to 8 to 12 workers making steamed stuffed buns at the same time, which is really low investment, high efficiency and investment saving.

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