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Spaghetti Machine Is A New Type Of Leisure Food Machine

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Spaghetti machine is a new type of leisure food machine with small volume, light weight, convenient movement and simple operation. It mainly produces lanterns, five pointed star noodles, tornado noodles, conch, tremella noodles, shell noodles and other foods by mixing one or more kinds of flour, rice flour, noodle powder and corn flour. spaghetti machineIt can be processed into fried, spicy, barbecue, spiced and other flavors, You can also cook it in water and add soup to turn it into pasta products with distinctive local flavor. Mixed with various fruit and vegetable raw materials, it can also process spinach noodles, tomato noodles, egg noodles, mushroom noodles, fish noodles, sea belt noodles, soybean milk noodles and other high nutritional noodles.

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