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The Diesel Pile Driver With The Lowest Price Is Very Useful

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The main body of diesel pile driver is also composed of cylinder and plunger. Its working principle is similar to that of single cylinder two-stroke diesel engine. The hammer head is driven by the atomized diesel injected into the cylinder combustion chamber under the strong pressure generated by combustion and explosion after high pressure and high temperature. Diesel hammer is divided into guide rod type and barrel type according to its structural form. The guide rod type diesel hammer is pressed on the pile cap with the plunger as the hammer seat, and the cylinder as the hammer head rises and falls along the two guide rods. During pile driving, first lift the pile into the gantry of the pile frame in place, then put the diesel hammer on the top of the pile, 

pile driverlower the hook to lift the cylinder, then disconnect the hook to let the cylinder fall into the plunger, compress the air enclosed in the cylinder, and the cylinder continues to fall until the pressure pin outside the cylinder pushes the rocker of the fuel pump on the hammer seat, and the fuel pump will spray oil mist into the cylinder, When the oil mist encounters the high-temperature gas above the ignition point, it will ignite and explode immediately. The explosive force will impact downward to sink the pile and push upward to pick up the cylinder. When the cylinder falls along the guide rod again, the second impact cycle will start.

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