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China's Small Pile Drivers Are Of Good Workmanship And Quality

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The oil temperature of pile driver transmission should be controlled at 30-55 ¡æ. At this temperature, the viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance of the lubricating oil are in good condition. The system has high transmission efficiency, but it will inevitably cause certain losses in energy transmission and increase the system oil temperature. With the continuous increase of oil temperature, the oil viscosity decreases, the leakage increases, the lubricating oil film is damaged, the wear of parts is aggravated, pile driverand the oil temperature rises faster. When the oil temperature is too high, the gap between moving pairs composed of materials with different expansion coefficients will change abnormally, If the clearance becomes larger, the oil leakage is serious. If the clearance becomes smaller, the components may be stuck; Moreover, the oxidation of hydraulic oil is accelerated and the oil deteriorates; High temperature can also make rubber, nylon and other seals invalid due to early aging.

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