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This Thread Rolling Machine Factory Is The Most Reliable In China

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The rolling wheel of the thread rolling machine must be adjusted synchronously, that is, the indentation of L and R wheels on the workpiece surface must be adjusted to coincide. If the synchronous adjustment is not accurate, the workpiece will have disordered teeth, chip and out of tolerance, and the center height of the workpiece is consistent with the center height of the rolling wheel (0.01 ~ 0.08mm lower is allowed). The common adjustment method is: after the rolling wheel is worn, the teeth can be ground off to reduce the number of teeth, and the parameters are calculated according to the above process, 

thread rolling machineand the teeth are re opened to make a refurbished rolling wheel, It can be renovated many times within the allowable center distance of the machine tool. The structural dimension, form and position tolerance and technical requirements of the rolling wheel shall be formulated with reference to the wire rolling wheel and cylindrical measuring gear. The common normal length or cross bar Distance m of the rolling wheel shall be calculated according to the spline data in the gear work, and the required material can be Cr12MoV (hardness 59 ~ 62Hrc).

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