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Switching Method Of Two Working Modes Of Thread Rolling Machine

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Switching method of two working modes of thread rolling machine:

Changing the working position of the selector switch can select automatic rolling mode, pedal mode and manual mode.

Automatic circulation mode: start the hydraulic motor, turn the selector switch to automatic, and adjust the automatic rolling time and backward rest time respectively according to the hydraulic needs. At this time, the sliding seat makes feed movement under the hydraulic pressure controlled by the forward time relay, and the sliding seat makes backward rest movement under the control of the backward rest time relay.

thread rolling machine

Pedal type circulation mode: plug in the connector of the pedal line. At this time, the time relay stops working. With the foot switch, the sliding seat moves forward under the hydraulic pressure. After the work rolling is completed, the foot is raised, and the sliding seat returns under the hydraulic pressure.

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