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Selection Standard Of Steel Wire Rope For Diesel Winch

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The steel wire rope strand of diesel winch is controlled by steel wires with different diameters, and the pitch of each layer of steel wire is equal. Since the outer steel wire is located in the groove between the inner steel wires, a wire contact is formed between the inner and outer steel wires. Although the inner steel wire of the steel wire rope bears slightly greater stress than the outer steel wire, 

diesel winchit avoids stress concentration, eliminates the secondary bending of the steel wire at the contact, and reduces the friction resistance between the steel wires. The steel wire rope has a large degree of freedom in bending, which significantly improves the fatigue strength, and its service life is usually higher than that of point contact steel wire rope. Because the total effective steel wire area of wire contact wire rope is larger than that of point contact wire rope, the bearing capacity is high. If wire contact wire rope is selected under the same breaking force, smaller pulley and drum diameter can be used to reduce the size of the whole mechanism.

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