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The Quality Of Hydraulic Winch In China Is Really Very Good

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When the hydraulic winch lifts and pulls heavy objects through the steel wire rope, the stress on the steel wire rope is very complex. In addition, it is sensitive to external factors. Once it fails, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the reasonable selection and use of the steel wire rope. According to the different contact states between steel wires in the steel wire rope, it can be divided into: point contact steel wire rope, point contact steel wire rope, 

hydraulic winchthe diameter of each layer of steel wire in the rope strand is the same, and the pitch of each layer of steel wire inside and outside is different. Therefore, they cross each other to form point contact. It is characterized by high contact stress, rough surface, easy breaking of steel wire and low service life. But the manufacturing process is simple and the price is cheap. In practice, it is often found that this kind of steel wire rope produces serious indentation due to point contact between steel wires, resulting in stress concentration, resulting in fatigue fracture of steel wire and premature scrapping of steel wire rope.

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