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Application Scope Of Hydraulic Winch

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The hydraulic winch can also be equipped with tensioning wheels to make the steel wire rope always have a certain tension, and the binding force of the rope groove of the hydraulic winch on the steel wire rope always exists, which greatly reduces the probability of grooving. When multi-layer winding is adopted, the groove shape produced by the low-level rope loop is not as perfect as the rope groove of the drum itself, but the drum length is reduced and the angle between the steel wire rope and the rope groove is correspondingly reduced, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages. hydraulic winchThe depth of the rope groove has different restraining effects on the steel wire rope. Without considering the life and the cost of the drum length of the hydraulic winch, the deep groove has more restraining advantages. In addition, the method of setting an anti falling off groove device can also be used to restrict the retraction and retraction movement of the steel wire rope in the rope groove. The first is the sliding limit plate, which can move along the guide rod with the change of the position of the rope winding point of the steel wire rope. There is a small gap between the limit plate and the steel wire rope to limit the jumping displacement when the steel wire rope jumps, so that the steel wire rope will not jump out of the rope groove. However, there are some disadvantages: the steel wire rope will rub with the limit plate when entering and leaving the drum.

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