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Installation Method Of Hydraulic Winch On Site

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The distance between the pulley and the hydraulic winch shall be at least 8 ≤, and the hydraulic winch with more than 3 tons shall be more than 15m. The steel wire rope is wound at both ends of the drum, and its inclination angle shall not exceed 1.5 ~ 2 degrees. In order to ensure safety, when the crane is in a very low position, the steel wire rope shall not be completely released from the drum. In addition to the number of turns fixed on the pressure plate, there shall be at least 3 safety rings. hydraulic winchWhen installing the hydraulic winch, the place with slightly higher terrain, good vision and firm foundation shall be selected. Outdoor hydraulic winch shall be rainproof and smash proof. Generally, a simple shed shall be set. After installation, the machine shall be able to see the lifting and position of suspended objects. The electrical control system of the hoist shall be located next to the driver to ensure reliable and effective installation and prevent electric shock.

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