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Such A Good Quality Electric Forklift Is Made In China

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At this stage, China's urbanization road is developing rapidly, and urban construction projects are increasing day by day. As one of the commonly used engineering machinery and equipment, what should we pay attention to in high temperature weather? The original outdoor temperature in summer is relatively high. In addition, it is normal that the oil temperature of small electric forklift is too high during long-term outdoor work, and what harm does too high oil temperature cause? The heat discharge of the equipment during the work of the small excavator is not very good, which will affect its equipment. If the temperature is too high, the medium rate will be reduced. If there is friction in the work of the clutch and braking system of the small excavator, there will be high temperature, 

electric forkliftwhich will damage the high temperature, and it is also likely to be burned. In the process of use, we should pay attention to the temperature of transmission oil and take certain measures to reduce the oil temperature. Reducing the transmission oil temperature can reduce the damage in the middle of mechanical parts, which not only improves the working efficiency of small electric forklift, but also increases the working efficiency.

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