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What Is The Lifting Height Of 2t Electric Forklift£¿

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A strainer shall be installed at the oil suction port of the hydraulic pump of the electric forklift, and the oil suction port shall be at a corresponding distance from the bottom of the oil tank; High pressure fine filter shall be installed at the oil outlet, and the filtering effect shall be in accordance with the working requirements of the system to avoid the hydraulic system failure caused by dirt blockage; A filter screen shall be installed on the diaphragm of the hydraulic oil tank of the loader to remove the impurities not filtered by the oil return filter.

electric forklift

Metal protective ring shall be installed on the hydraulic cylinder of electric forklift to prevent dirt from being brought into the cylinder, and to avoid leakage caused by erosion of mud water and light radiation on the hydraulic cylinder; Check and clean the iron filings and impurities inside the hydraulic components before installation; Regular inspection of hydraulic oil, once the oil deterioration, foam, sediment and oil-water separation and so on, cleaning system and oil change should be carried out.

Before new oil is added into the oil tank of electric forklift, it shall be added after static sedimentation and filtration. If necessary, an intermediate oil tank can be set to precipitate and filter new oil to ensure the cleanness of oil.

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