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China Low Price Electric Forklift Procurement Platform

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The working principle of electric forklift is not complex in terms of working performance. The loading and transportation of mine electric forklift is completed by the conveyor system. The conveyor frame is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder. When the conveyor frame is lowered, the front wheel can be supported. At the same time, the material receiving port in front of the conveyor frame is close to the ore contact surface, which has strong stability during operation. At the same time, it can disperse materials and level the site. The width of the conveyor belt is 650mm, and the conveying speed is about 5m / s. the conveyor belt is driven by a hydraulic motor to stabilize the performance and long service life of the conveyor.

electric forklift

As the hydraulic system of the mining electric forklift is powered by a 15kw motor to drive the double high-pressure gear pump, the hydraulic oil is respectively input into a multi-channel directional valve through the gear pump, and the control of each hydraulic device is realized through the operating handle. The electrical system of the whole vehicle adopts mine flameproof electromagnetic starter to control the motor and ensure personal and equipment safety.

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