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Electric Forklift May Replace Fuel Forklift In The Future

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When lifting heavy objects with the long arm of the electric forklift, due to the "brake" of the arm of the electric forklift, the vertical line between the rod head and the center of gravity of the heavy objects changes. If the lifting rod is not adjusted correctly, the lifted heavy objects will shift instantaneously. If the operators do not think carefully and do not take avoidance measures (especially in the air), it may be an accident. 

electric forkliftBecause the bearing performance of hemp rope is far less than that of steel rope, and hemp rope is very easy to be damaged in daily storage and use to reduce the tensile force, using hemp rope as safety rope does not play a safe role, but makes people have psychological dependence and cause accidents. The safety warning area and safety supervisor were not set up in time in the dangerous area under heavy lifting and high-altitude operation, resulting in the accident of others entering the dangerous area under unknown conditions.

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