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Three Advantages Of Automatic Dumpling Machine

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Three advantages of automatic dumpling machine£º

1. Making dumplings tastes good: the forming principle of the dumpling machine adopts the working principle of simulating the tabletting and wrapping of manual dumplings, which is different from the forming method of extruding dough by the auger of the traditional dumpling machine. Due to the principle of pressing and wrapping, the amount of flour is close to that of manual dumplings. Therefore, the dumplings have thin skin, big filling and juicy taste, which is comparable to that of handmade dumplings.

dumpling machine

2. Good appearance of dumplings: due to the friction between the traditional dumpling machine and the dough in the working process, a large amount of heat is generated, resulting in the gelatinization of flour. Making the dumpling face black and hard is the fatal defect of traditional mechanism dumplings, so that mechanism dumplings gradually withdraw from the market. The dumpling machine in our factory does not have the above problems. The forming mechanism of the dumpling machine adopts the technology of empty drum on both sides. The dumplings come out on both sides, which has a more three-dimensional feeling.

3. Labor saving: the dumpling machine is a manual wrapping dumpling machine, which can save half of the labor compared with manual dumpling making. At present, quick freezing enterprises generally encounter the problems of insufficient labor force and rising labor cost. The use of dumpling machine can alleviate these problems. At the same time, it can reduce the demand and dependence of quick-frozen dumpling enterprises on skilled dumpling makers.

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