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Sichuang's Dumpling Machine Is Cheap And Easy To Use

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Dumpling machine equipment the machine adopts the forming characteristics of simulating the tabletting and wrapping of manual dumplings and the principle of double control and two-way quantitative feeding. During production, there is no need to make another dumpling skin. Just put the dough and stuffing into the feeding port and start up to automatically produce dumplings. According to the requirements of pastry technology, minimize the friction with dough to ensure that the dumplings have soft taste, good elasticity and toughness, beautiful appearance and good three-dimensional feeling, which is comparable to manual dumplings. One machine is multi-purpose. dumpling machineAs long as the mold is replaced, pastry foods of different shapes and specifications can be manufactured. Such as spring rolls, wonton, hot pot dumplings, pearl dumplings, curry corners, lace dumplings, pot stickers, etc. Suitable for a variety of conditioning: the dumplings can be steamed, boiled, fried and fried. Fried spring rolls, curry horns and curry Bu are especially delicious. The most important thing is that they are suitable for rapid freezing and storage. They are ideal microwave food.

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