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Method And Steps For Cleaning Spaghetti Machine

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Method and steps for cleaning spaghetti machine£º

1: Clean the spaghetti machine immediately after application.

2: The feeding system, feeding system and cutting knife of the machine shall avoid hard chiseling, impact, knocking and hammering when dismantling the equipment.

3: When the blade of the cleaning machine is cleaned and put back in place, I pay attention to the direction of our placement, and apply a layer of edible oil on the blade before the machine is turned on. The machine and all drives in the machine. Also apply a layer of lubricant.

spaghetti machine

4: The cam groove of the automatic spaghetti machine shall be coated with vegetable oil every time, and all bearings of the machine shall be removed and cleaned every six months. Maintain the gear motor of the machine at the same time as the motor. Maintain product maintenance methods.

The machine is produced by personnel. It is produced by contacting the advantages of traditional machines and the opinions of users before manufacturing. The machine not only avoids the traditional spaghetti machine word production. At that time, the bad situation, the taste and shape of noodles were obviously too high, and the dumpling production machine.

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