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Why Are Chinese Macaroni Machines So Easy To Use

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Why are Chinese macaroni machines so easy to use:

1. Operation of macaroni machine: put in the reconciled dough, adjust the filling, and turn on the machine switch to make macaroni. The size of macaroni, the thickness of dough and the size of filling can be adjusted at will.

macaroni machine

2. Control method of macaroni machine: the design of multi wheat macaroni machine is relatively reasonable. Flour supply, filling and molding are three independent modules. I don't feel that the shape of macaroni or the amount of filling will not be uneven due to different macaroni fillings, because the flour supply control and filling switch are independent. Adjusting the flour supply will not affect the filling supply at the same time.

3. Production speed of macaroni machine: the macaroni machine has fast forming speed, up to 50-60 pieces per minute, which is unmatched by traditional manual. At the same time, the macaroni made can wake up and put on the tray uniformly. At the same time, the macaroni has beautiful appearance, neat and consistent patterns, and the macaroni face color is whiter, fluffy and strong!

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