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The Price Of This Manufacturer's Macaroni Machine Makes Me Excited

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Pasta produced by macaroni machine is called macaroni. It is a famous pasta in western countries. It can be divided into solid and hollow. Macaroni, also known as macaroni, is a kind of flour product with wheat flour as raw material. Macaroni juice can be left in hollow macaroni, which is not easy to dry. Its production method is also very particular: Boil the water, put the macaroni into the pot, add cold water repeatedly after boiling for several times, until the macaroni is boiled thoroughly, macaroni machineremove and filter the water, put an appropriate amount of salt and mix it for use. In addition, boil the water, add the peas, take out the filtered water soon after boiling, and cover it on the cooked macaroni. Prepare a little beef slices, stir fry in an oil pan for a few seconds, and then serve out. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, add macaroni, add water, salt, a small amount of sugar, an appropriate amount of butter (according to taste) and ketchup.

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