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China's Waste Steel Bar Straightening Machine Makes Me Rich

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Adhere to the routine maintenance of the scrap rebar straightening machine. The machinery is often kept in good condition. If the parts fail, they must be repaired. During the operation of the machinery, cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and other work are prohibited. Before starting the small waste steel bar straightener, pay attention to check whether there are obstacles and dangerous objects around. The obstacles affecting the construction of the working section must be removed in advance before working. scrap rebar straightening machineIt is forbidden to start after drinking. When operating the waste steel bar straightener, the driver must concentrate, do not smoke or joke with others, do not operate reluctantly, and non drivers are strictly prohibited to drive. When the waste steel bar straightener runs on the highway, it shall strictly abide by the traffic rules and laws. Drive at medium speed, be safe and courteous, and do not slide in neutral when going downhill.

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