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Scrap Rebar Straightener

Three Uses Of Waste Steel Bar Straightening Machine

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Because the reinforcement is exposed to the rain and sun all year round, it is easy to fall off the paint and rust, and the unqualified reinforcement can no longer be used. For example, the rusted, thinned, bent and deformed steel pipe seriously affects the safe use of the reinforcement. In the past, it was repaired manually, which undoubtedly increased the cost to the businesses renting reinforcement. Now use the scrap rebar straightening machine

scrap rebar straightening machineNow it is much more convenient to use the steel bar straightening and derusting paint brushing machine. The steel bar derusting, straightening and painting are completed in one step, which can be operated by two people from front to back. The efficiency has been improved a lot. The steel bar straightening machine plays a very important role in the maintenance of steel bars.

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