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Scrap Rebar Straightener

Five Advantages Of Waste Steel Bar Straightener

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Five advantages of scrap rebar straightening machine:

1) The overall structure is simple and easy to operate. Good stability and high reliability, ensure the quality of steel bar bending and improve work efficiency;

2) It is suitable for site operations such as parts that are difficult to reach by ordinary bending machine after reinforcement binding;scrap rebar straightening machine

3) Driven by high oil pressure system, it has large bending force and can bend 40mm reinforcement;

4) Without changing the working head, the reinforcement can be bent and straightened. Bending, fast straightening speed;

5) The operation is simple, reduces the labor force, the product is easy to move, and the operation is simple and safe.

Portable steel bar bending machine bending machine is suitable for mobile operation in workshop or on site.

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