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This Chinese Vegetable Chopper Can Cut Diced, Shredded And Sliced

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The multi-functional vegetable cutter includes all the functions of the single cutting machine. At the same time, it can also cut round, such as potatoes, radishes, etc. It can process vegetables such as roots, stems and leaves into slices, silk, diced, rhombic, curve, diced flowers, flakes, etc. The slicing device is used for slicing hard vegetables (radish, potato, fruit and potato), and the thickness is freely adjusted within 1-10mm; The reciprocating vertical knife cuts the sliced vegetables or soft vegetables (leek and celery) into straight wires or segments, 

vegetable cuttercurved wires and diced square (or shaped knife) conveyor belt, and the moving distance of each time is 1-20mm, which can be adjusted freely. The adjusted amount is the width of the wire segment; It should be noted that only when the diameter of the cut vegetables is thicker (more than 30mm), the effect of slicing is good, which is convenient for diced. The slices or diced with small diameter will be messy. The processed surface of the cut vegetables is flat, smooth, regular and well organized, maintaining the effect of manual cutting.

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