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Use Method Of Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting Machine

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Use method of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine

1. Place the vegetable cutter equipment on the horizontal ground before operation to ensure that the machine is placed stably and reliably; Confirm that the equipment plug is in good contact without looseness and water trace;

2. Check whether there are foreign matters in the rotating barrel or on the conveyor belt. If there are foreign matters, they must be cleaned to avoid tool damage;

vegetable cutter

3. Operate and adjust the cutting mode according to the dishes to be processed. The centrifugal slicer is used for slicing melon and potato hard dishes. The vertical knife part can process leaf soft dishes or cut pieces into various shapes such as blocks, dices and diamonds of different specifications;

4. When installing the vertical knife, first rotate the adjustable eccentric to make the knife rest travel to the bottom dead center, and then lift the knife rest upward by 1-2mm. After the vertical knife contacts the conveyor belt, fasten the nut to fasten the vertical knife on the knife rest. If the lifting height of the knife rest is small, the vegetables may be connected with the knife. If the lifting height of the knife rest is too high, the conveyor belt may be damaged;

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