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This Diesel Winch From China Has Very Low Working Noise

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The construction site can often encounter the situation that the site conditions are limited, the pit can not be excavated for foundation and embedded, or the diesel winch is unwilling to be used for foundation. How should the diesel winch be fixed so that it will not slide, displace and overturn the site? In order to fix the diesel winch without foundation embedment, it is necessary to use the reserved hole on the base or coil the base with steel wire rope to fix it on the ground anchor, diesel winchand put pressure iron at the rear of the base; At the same time, the wire rope head shall be pulled out from the bottom, and the center of the drum shall be perpendicular to the center line of the front guide wheel. The front guide wheel shall not use open pulley, and the pulley shall be fixed on the ground anchor and shall not be tied to the vertical transportation frame.

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