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Operating Skills Of Automatic Spaghetti Machine

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The noodles we usually eat are bought in the supermarket, but compared with the machine-made noodles bought in the supermarket, the handmade noodles we eat are more chewy. The emergence of automatic spaghetti machine meets the requirements of people's noodles. Using automatic spaghetti machine to make noodles is very fast and convenient without losing the chewiness of noodles. Next, let's introduce the operation skills of the automatic spaghetti machine:

1. Mixing flour: pour the flour into the flour mixer, add water according to the specified proportion of about 25%, start the transportation capacity, mix the flour and water evenly to granular shape (use after 10 minutes), and then use it

2. adjustment: the handwheel is used to adjust the clearance of the roller. The reference data of roller clearance are: (excepting more than 330 units). During the adjustment process, the number of handwheels should be tightened or loosened. Sometimes it is not easy to adjust one time. The key is to understand the reason, to be patient, to adjust the machine when unskilled, and to lock the handwheel after normal operation.

spaghetti machine

3. Operation: put the mixed flour into the flour bucket, press the knife and fix the knife stop plate, and then start the machine for operation. The lower panel of the third group shall be led to the next group by hand (multiple groups shall follow this analogy) and the operation is completed.

The above is what Xiaobian shared with you today. Do you understand it? I hope this introduction will bring you some help. From each link, we should have a clear division of labor and strive to provide better services for customers. With the trust and support of customers, we will do better, go further and send ideal products to customers. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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