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The Spaghetti Machine Fully Maintains The Noodle Tendons

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The spaghetti machine fully maintains the noodle tendons, which really does not hurt the noodles and ensures the sense of hierarchy of steamed buns and buns; The new filling pump is used to make the filling more commodity circulation and symmetrical. No matter which kind of filling can make the steamed stuffed bun shape, the effect is excellent. According to the overall planning and scientific research, 

spaghetti machinethe spaghetti machine adopts the intermittent fitness exercise technology of mechanical equipment to make the shape of the forming plate aware of the fitness exercise on the ground, greatly shorten the safe distance (even zero distance) from the falling of the formed steamed buns to the transportation, effectively prevent the inclination of the steamed buns, and then promote the appearance design of the steamed buns to be more specified and better.

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