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Chinese Macaroni Machine Operation Guide Video

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We all know that macaroni machine is a kind of equipment that forms noodles after the flour is rotated and stirred by the flour roller. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, safety and health, stable transmission and accuracy. It is widely welcomed by people who like macaroni because of its low noise, superior performance and no vibration. The strip picker is to put the cut and formed noodles on the rod, which belongs to the supporting equipment of macaroni machine. macaroni machineWhen making favorite noodles, the equipment can better ensure the taste. Xiaobian will introduce you to the debugging method of the strip picker. Let's learn about it. Pull the chain hook by hand before starting the machine to make the left and right hooks symmetrical. Start the pressure test surface, stop the machine and adjust the chain according to the length of the noodle suspension.

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