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The Noodle Machine Presses The Dough Into Noodles

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If the front of the noodle is long, adjust the chain hook upward by (front length - rear length) ÷ 2, that is, half of the noodle length gap. If the back of the noodle is long, lower the hook upward by the same range to make the length of the noodle rod consistent.

What should be noted here is that if the front of the suspended noodles is long, adjust the noodle machine chain hook upward by half of the length gap between the noodles at both ends. If it is the back strip of hanging noodles, you need to adjust the hook downward, the amplitude is the same as that in front, and adjust to the same length on both sides of the noodle rod, so as to continuously produce noodles. 

noodle machineThe noodle machine presses the dough into noodles through mechanical transmission. It is inevitable that there will be varying degrees of wear after a long time of use. Although the wear can be reduced by keeping the machine adequately lubricated, some wear can not be avoided after long-term use.

The above is the debugging method of the strip picker of the noodle machine we introduced. I hope our introduction can help you. If you still have anything you don't understand, you can contact us.

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